Friday, 11 April 2008

Plots marked out

11 April 2008
So much has happened in a few weeks!
  • We have almost completed the legal negotiations with the Cotswold District council, and the Kemble Parish council over the use and lease of the land. We have formal permission to get stuck in - so we are.
  • We now have a draft constitution, so that can be 'a body', and thus open a bank account, sign a lease etc. The next step is to have this approved and create a short list of 'dos and don'ts' for community and allotment holders.
  • With the help of about 20 people, Travis Perkins and Kemble Farms, we have cleared a significant amount of brambles to create cleared areas for a few allotments, and a community area.
  • Several allotments have been marked out, and a few hardy souls have started to break the ground, despite the seasonal weather of snow, hail, strong winds and even sunshine!
  • Kemble Farms have delivered an enormous pile of manure, which we will use tomorrow , together with the cardboard from Travis Perkins, to create a mulch layer to supress weeds and plant potatoes through.
  • Malmesbury Garden Centre has advised on the fruit trees that we uncovered, whilst Ray Hawes from the National Trust has identified the other trees. The purpose of this is to help us decide what to prune, clear and keep.
  • The Gardeners at Highgrove estate has offered to give us some advice on organic planting, and some seeds too - which we will do our best to grow and keep alive. We have also received the encouragement, and practical donation, from HRH Prince's Trust! Wow! Apparently pigs are what we need to break the ground and dig up the bramble roots! Not sure yet how to accomplish this realistically.

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